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Research, Insights and Data Collection in the CE Landscape

September 13, 2023

This session will have two expert guest speakers. 

Dr. Julie Peters, Vice-President, Research from Academica, will review external, publicly available data collected related to CE, identify data gaps, and discuss how CE departments can fill those gaps through primary research.  We’ll also discuss internal data collection practices, what data should be shared with other units across the institution, and how that data can be used to guide departmental decisions.

Plus Amrit Ahluwalia, Editor in Chief of The EvoLLLution, will reflect on trends shaping the Canadian higher education landscape and highlight some approaches and stories shared by postsecondary leaders in Canada and the US to provide some insight into how these shifts can be navigated.

We're excited to announce this year's Professional Development Retreat Keynote Speakers.

Jim Fong, the founding director of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)’s Center for Research and Strategy will be the Keynote Speaker on October 26th

Alex Usher, the President of Higher Education Strategy Associates, will join us on October 27. He is an internationally recognized expert on a range of fields within higher education, including student financial aid, quality measurement, rankings and public financing. He also has wide experience in strategic planning at both the institutional and system level.