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Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred from time to time by the OCULL Executive Committee on individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to university continuing education in Ontario. Honorary Membership recipients are recognized at the OCULL Annual General Meeting.

Criteria for Honorary Membership

OCULL Honorary Membership (lifetime) is awarded to:

  • long standing members of OCULL (10 years or more) with considerable achievements and contributions to the Continuing Education profession in Ontario, primarily outside their own institution;
  • members of the OCULL Executive with outstanding contributions to the activities and priorities of the Council over several years and having promoted the advancement of Continuing Education provincially; or,
  • an individual who has made outstanding progress and has taken a crucial leadership role to initiate Continuing Education at an Ontario institution and was also an active member of OCULL


  • Honorary Membership (lifetime) is:
    • generally awarded to someone no longer serving directly in Continuing Education at an Ontario university.
    • awarded at an annual general meeting, but could also be awarded at another special occasion.
    • only under exceptional circumstances awarded posthumously.

Nomination Process

  • To nominate someone for Honorary Membership to OCULL, complete the Honorary Membership Nomination Form.
  • The executive will serve as the nominating committee and the past president will serve as chair of the committee.
  • Generally, in the spring of every year, the past president will request nominations for honorary membership from the membership. Members will be asked to complete the OCULL honorary member nomination form and submit it by the end of May.
  • The executive will consider the nominations and make a determination by the end of June allowing sufficient time to contact the nominee and to make the necessary preparations to honour the member. Normally not more than one member would be honoured each year.