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AGM & Professional Development Retreat

Annual General Meeting and Professional Development Retreat 2021

Focus on the Future:
Meeting Worker and Workplace Needs

October 28 & 29, 2021

Sessions highlighted this theme in the following areas:

  • Future Skills & Continuing Education
  • Marketing to Demographic Demand
  • Teaching & Training Millennial & Gen-X learners
  • Workplace Learning & Professional Development
  • Embedding Research & Innovation in CE Courses
  • Designing Online Assessments with Integrity & Authenticity
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Quality Assurances Processes & Systems
  • Engaging Learners & Motivating Learning with Micro-Credentials
  • Designing for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Decolonization
  • Operations & Appropriate Organizational Structures

Formal presentations were 60 minutes including Q & A, and took place between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

View the Schedule [PDF] here!

Testimonials from past Retreats

Here's what past attendees would say to someone who was considering attending the event...

"Always worth attending."

"Definitely go! It is a great opportunity to learn and network. It is worth your time."

“Go - it's a valuable opportunity to network, share, and learn with your continuing and online learning peers.”

“Very good opportunity to meet Ontario colleagues and develop connections with other institutions in a friendly supportive environment.”

“I highly recommend this conference to higher education professionals in Ontario. I would say 'You should go. This is a great group of colleagues who are willing to share and collaborate. Time well spent!"

“It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and share experiences with colleagues from different institutions. You'll find that we each share similar challenges.”

“Attend!! Informal and comfortable atmosphere. The diversity among attendees guarantees one can get good information/advice on almost any topic area.”

“Looking forward to future Retreats!"

“Come and make professional colleague connections and friendships for life! Find out the latest on what is happening on the ground at our sister university CE institutions from other attendees contributing fully like you do to adult learners all over the province. You are warmly welcomed at OCULL!"

“This is a highly worthwhile event that practitioners and administrators should make a priority to attend annually. go for it!”

“Interesting topics presented in groups, which are not huge so they allow for a lot of dialogue.”