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Staff Travel Bursary

The OCULL Executive allocates $1,000 annually to a Staff Development Bursary to provide funds for OCULL members to attend professional development opportunities, such as the Annual Professional Development Retreat and General Meeting or a meeting of a Distance and Online Learning Community of Practice.). Four Bursaries valued at $250 each are available annually.

To qualify, the recipient must:

  • Be a staff member at an OCULL member institution;
  • Be a secondary participant at an event, such that Deans and Directors do not qualify for the bursary;
  • Select the ‘Apply for Bursary’ check-box on the event registration form;
  • Reside and or work more than 300 kilometers driving distance from the site of a meeting and/or programming event; and
  • Apply in advance of attending the event in question.

Should more than four participants apply and qualify for the staff bursary, decisions will be made by lottery. The lottery process will subsequently ensure that no institution (should the applicants be from more than four individual institutions) receive more than one bursary.

Individual bursaries are available to a maximum of $250 to recover any combination of the following allowable travel expenses:

  • One night accommodation
  • Parking
  • Meals
  • Gas
  • Transportation including any one of the following: Bus, train, airfare, or personal vehicle mileage at $0.40 per KM.

The expense claim form must be forwarded with original receipts within 30 days of the event. Please note: The OCULL Staff Development Bursary is directed toward expenses associated with travel only as outlined above and event registration fees are not considered an allowable expense.

Apply for a Staff Travel Bursary

Policies relating to the Annual General Meeting

The OCULL Executive will limit the cost per participant associated with the Retreat & AGM registration fees for the purposes of recovering in full direct costs associated with this annual gathering..

If an event has to be cancelled because of low enrollment, the Executive agrees to cover the cost of cancellation fees, if any, associated with the host institution.

OCULL will cover the costs associated with the travel of the MTCU representative at any meeting or programming event at a rate of $0.40 per kilometer OR up to $250 for airfare if the event is held more than three hours driving distance from Toronto.