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Research Fund

OCULL administers a small research fund that provides grants to projects which build knowledge of our constituency and enhance the quality of university lifelong learning.

These grants are designed to support research projects whose outcome is going to be of direct relevance to the topic and practice of university lifelong learning, in any or all of its guises.

Grants are typically in the $2,000 - $2,500 range. Two grants will be awarded annually. Additional grants may be available if the OCULL Executive deems a project to be worthy of this support. Applications are only accepted from OCULL members.

Research Grant applications must include the following:

  • comprehensive statement of objectives and anticipated outcomes;
  • literature review;
  • description of research design and methodology;
  • reasons why the project is of relevance to university lifelong learning;
  • budget;
  • project timeline (typically, research projects will be completed within one year); and,
  • description of how the research findings will be disseminated.

Selection criteria

  • relevance and timeliness of research to Ontario university lifelong learning;
  • clarity of proposal;
  • soundness of research design and methodology ;
  • other financial or in-kind support for the project, or letters of support; and,
  • a well articulated process for disseminating findings.

Payment of research grants

Payment of research grants will normally be made in three equal installments: first payment on notification and acceptance of the research grant award; second payment on receipt of a research progress report, typically 6 – 8 months into the research project; and, third and final payment on completion of the research and receipt by OCULL of a research summary report and financial statement, typically at the end of one year. Requests for alternate distribution of funds should be made at the time of application.

If the research project is not completed within two years of receipt of the OCULL research grant, OCULL retains the right to cancel any remaining payments.

Recipients of OCULL research grants will make their findings available to the OCULL membership, either by a research summary to be posted on the website, or a brief presentation at the annual OCULL retreat.

How to apply

Applications should be emailed to

Grant applications may be submitted 365 days a year.

Successful applicants will be notified as a decision has been made.